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a piece of my raku ware.

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This bowl suppose to give an impression of  a seabed.  I do not like it very much because of the blue color. It’s really not the most beautiful I ever seen. But I like the technique that I used while modeling this bowl.

Usually I just take some clay and start modeling smth, looking that it will turn out of it.  I like abstract stuff, soft forms and emotion. But this time I wanted to try to make smth not just realistic, but hiperrealistic. So I went to the sea, collected a bunch of mussels, shells and stuff alike, returned to my place and started to examine it, every small spot on a mussel.  On this bowl are actually about 5 snail’s shells, 3 mussels and 1 wooden stick, modeled separately in details.

1 more detail. This bowl is without reduction (as all my works made in raku technique, it is made following the western raku technique ).


Glazing the bowl.


Foto: Tomas Brazinskas


Cooling down. While a ware is still hot, it is transparent.

I would like to keep almost all ware in this state, unfortunately it’s not possible.




Final result. These last photos as in previous posts are made by Darius.

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Although this is my photoblog (and you are wellcome to comment and express your critics on my photos ), I’ve decided to post here some photos of my ceramic works too.  I didn’t explain that in my last post.

Ceramics is my absolute passion, especially raku technique. So I’m posting photos of some bowls made in this technique.




Just made, cooling down on the grass.







One speciality of raku technique is that the longer you burn the ware and the higher the temperature gets the more interesting glaze becomes, cause it gets more nuances. But. At the same time, the risk of cracking also becomes  higher. That is what happened to this bowl.  I love the nuances of the glaze. To tell the truth, on this bowl is only one color glaze. Everything else is made by the fire. The crackings are filled with golden paint. Heard some different opinios about that colour… But I like it. I heard that in Japan (maybe not now, maybe in some previos times) they fixed cracked ceramic ware and put some gold dust in the marks of cracking. The bowl then has it’s memory. (Excuse me for being sentimental.)


Some photos are mine (those in natural surroundings), and some are made by Darius.

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