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Some pictures made in the first days of spring.

This was Martynas’ birthday…

in the country-side at Paulius’ place.

Cooking in the stove

real country-side snack and…

bit more urban style entertainment…

I like this and the following picture.

But I’m not sure if I can take the credit for them (do not remember making those pictures)

Martynas and Paulius in the morning

the light and the atmosphere were so soft and easy (the people in the place too)

one of those evenings in Cafe de Paris

Domas’ birthday

Playing with Ūla. Eastern.

See ya!

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This post is not about me obsessed with D.B. It’s literally about flashlights and colour films, because I’ve reverted to the colour film and Darius healed my flash (by the way, thing is dead again by now. That is the beauty and sadness of cheap things – they are atmospheric, but short living).

Sometimes it’s important to disgress from your theme, to enjoy coming back. So I tried out b&w, realized that it’s not for me for now and put some colour stuff in my camera. And during this time of the year that’s really handy to have nice old colour splash with you (poor thing, hope to cure it soon).


I wrote the introduction of this post in winter and hoped to post earlier when I’m doing it now.

It’s actually already spring. So some of the photos can be a little out-dated like those from New Years. But I want to share them with you anyway.

Dalia and Lukas initiated events: lecture + film in their place.

The events didn’t last long, but I got my illness in the first one (it is called David Bowie).

There are no good lectures without good brakes.

Darius as the second lecturer.

As you can see on the desktop – it was on Kurt Wideman . Shame on me, but I fell asleep while watching Helvetica. Since those winter days I still owe a lecture on D.B.

At Ieva’s and Kamazas’ place. Looking at wedding pictures. The one in my picture is one made by Darius. It’s just so … good picture.

Ieva (+ my (dead by now) blue flash)

Mysterious smile of Artūras.

At quiz night. It’s always funny to watch Domas waiting for results.

Dalia as Prima in one of her plays.

This was new year. Kind of shaky and in bolywood style. Needs no further comments. Less shaky version can be found here.

Darius as a soft blue image in the pastel background.

Random ice-scream eating with Darius.

Skiing in Austria. The view through the window. Pretty impressive for someone from such a flat country like Lithuania.

Mountains, man!

This is the stuff they feed tourists in Austria. It’s called Germknoedel. Und es ist wirklich riesig!

On the way to skiing place. Early morning. Fog.

Darius on the snow.

It is the way, Smena (my camera) sees the world (you know, It has its one point of view).

Leaving Austria

In Užutrakis, our beloved summer place.

Walking on the lake

Allan  v.O.T. A.

Same guy. Waiting for Kibinai in Trakai.

Same guy with his future wife.

Just one day went with family to Kaunas. This view is still in Vilnius.

This is already in Kaunas. Looks like very industrial country. Isn’t it?

Mosque in Kaunas. The trees were just so graphic.

This was Kaziukas market in Vilnius.

A random picture, but I just liked Martynas’ yellow colour so much.

Usual cinema evening at Karolis’ place.

Extremely self confident guy.

Nice emotion + poor fucus

buying flowers

Dalyte in the role of waitress at the hotel of things.

That’s it for now (until I’ll develop and scan other stuff)

Enjoy the spring!

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