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This bowl suppose to give an impression of  a seabed.  I do not like it very much because of the blue color. It’s really not the most beautiful I ever seen. But I like the technique that I used while modeling this bowl.

Usually I just take some clay and start modeling smth, looking that it will turn out of it.  I like abstract stuff, soft forms and emotion. But this time I wanted to try to make smth not just realistic, but hiperrealistic. So I went to the sea, collected a bunch of mussels, shells and stuff alike, returned to my place and started to examine it, every small spot on a mussel.  On this bowl are actually about 5 snail’s shells, 3 mussels and 1 wooden stick, modeled separately in details.

1 more detail. This bowl is without reduction (as all my works made in raku technique, it is made following the western raku technique ).


Glazing the bowl.


Foto: Tomas Brazinskas


Cooling down. While a ware is still hot, it is transparent.

I would like to keep almost all ware in this state, unfortunately it’s not possible.




Final result. These last photos as in previous posts are made by Darius.

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