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an outtake from the photo shoot with Dominyka

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thinking hard

still going through old pics. Domas and Darius playing quiz.

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some old outtakes

was going through some old pics from 2009 and find some I love. so I’ll post them again.

my cousin during vintage party. the film is grainy, and a bit unsharp, I like the small movement of the background, which gives dynamic to the static picture.

my uncle, saying toast.

my sis

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they were running up and down the stairs. kinda nice “old school” quality, but this is not what I’m expecting from my camera. will reconsider fuji 400 next time, and choose the the “world’s finest grain”, yes – Kodak portra.

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Kristina came from Frankfurt to meet me for a couple of hours. So I took her to ŠMC (CAC).

and then she left

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