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The second wedding day. Breakfast/lunch in Jalta (for those not from Vilnius – that’s such a bar, not the town).

Чайка Fuji 200.

It’s the second time I’m shooting with this camera. It’s my mothers first camera, and her pictures are let’s say slightly different from mine ones (sharp and clear). I like the quality of obscurity when shooting with it, but there’s smth wrong for sure.  The camera cuts frame into two, maybe that’s the reason of lower quality. (anyone knowledgeable – please comment)

The groom turned into husband.

The bride turned into wife.


That’s what I mean when I speak about obscurity.

But it’s just the way I like my pics to be.

Dangis+thirst+gaiva (just untranslatable but extremely refreshing)


later in the evening.

while guys (Danish and Lithuanian) decided to  meet in the basketball field, girls and… some other guys checked out the lake.

When we came back, the championship was finished.

Sla all covered in Lithuanian flag colours.

The third wedding day, at Artūras’ place.

Everyone likes Darius’ binoculars

That’s it for the weddings.

Comming up with bunch of random pics taken somewhere before and after the weddings.

don’t forget to jump sometimes into the lake!

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Rocking together

“It was the sixteenth of July, I remember precisely my sweetheart”, so begins the song written by Allan for Tautvyde. And so begins the carefully arranged wedding, a bit a surprise party for them.

So, have a look at the pictures.

Look at Allan’s glasses.

Do you ever think about the photographer when you look at the picture?

me – always.

you have to notice the moment, run to the place, have right settings on your camera and find the right angle. the persons have not to be irritated by you. it’s damn hard. this is not a good picture.  but I decided to post it not because of the quality of the picture, but because of the quality of the moment.

classic pic of young couple on the bridge, but was very hard to get (through the crowd of guests with they cameras, the camera man, darius and other guys with they big cameras. photography is such a lie 🙂 )

champagne for the guests in STOPKĖ.

Dangiras and his live rose.

Those leaves knocked me down. Look like from paintings of Frida Kahlo, a bit surreal.

and Dovile was sitting there with two empty glasses of champagne.  It just didn’t make any sense (and I just like this type of imagery ).

the leaves again.

the focus is on the leaves and because of the Portra (great film!) white colour is shining, and it makes this guy (I actually didn’t get the chance to know him during the wedding) bit unreal too.

My first ever hip shot 🙂 I’m bad as a street photographer. people do notice me, they do notice me the same moment I get the idea to make picture, not even when I lift my camera.

My absolutely favorite picture.

Now  – the Kodak moment, as Domas (the wedding planner) called it. Btw it was really Kodak moment (Portra 160 NC).

It will  be long.

I tried to be nice to my blog reader and dropped some of the pictures (my heart is breaking), but I just like all those pics.

T & A drawing their dream house.

this is my favorite. the reddish light makes T shine.

Kissing by the tree

the bride

the groom

guests waiting (already about an hour standing like this 🙂 ) for the couple to come.

and they came

thanking all the guests (and us of course – the sweet wedding planners )

the suitcase for the envelopes 😉

and here are we giving a present

and the wedding dance

as the words of the song follow, “it will be absolutely fine”.

… and they will be rocking together

rocking together…

all night (life) long!

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The wedding project

Have to confess, don’t have the pictures from the initial meeting, where the roles and major points were agreed upon.

It was dark and I had tmax 100 loaded.  But some moments of the wedding planing are here documented.

Šauni vietelė. Looking around the place.

Moment of silence. Art director is thinking.

And so we started. My balcony, trying how the decorations will look like. This didn’t make to the wedding. Anyway it was hanging in my balcony for some time.

The lamps. Looked great actually, but also didn’t make to the wedding. (and… as all the stuff stood in my room for some time also. such nice lamps…)

so we decided on the white flowers hanging over the heads.

the first try here, in the end we made flowers from 45 meters of material.

my first flower wasn’t great success (in the time I used to make 1 flower Ieva made 10), but I developed my flowering skills pretty fast 🙂

next day

– How does it look?

– Looks good from below.

This was the only time Darius tried to help us.

One flower on his score.

And this is what my room became to.

there were suppose to be 3 nets of flowers. Aine and Marchius came by to help.

“The other time” planing the wedding. Last meeting before the wedding day.

Wedding is a very serious thing. No place for unnecessarily fun…

or isn’t it?

solving problems.

and the game begun.

The wedding day.

The planners.

Around 8 am. + 35 C

We are starting to arrange the place for the party.

Look how concerned are the faces. Pointing at the different directions.

Last considerations before starting.

stage workers

My lost scissors left only as a memory in this picture, very photogenic though.

water break (after moving around the tables in +35 C)

Martynas, never forgetting to make a break while working.

Just couldn’t choose between those two pics, aren’t they sweet?

almost finished

10 minutes to the ceremony.

Last touch

Now the wedding can begin.

To be continued…

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I have now all my films I’ve shoot since May developed and scanned. Now it’ll take some time to draft the posts.

Just want to share one photo.

My cousin in the garden, focus in front of the person.

looks very soft and atmospheric. I should try it more often.

Pentax K1000, Kodak Portra 160NC

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Met my sister for a lunch, made some pictures of Ūla eating ice-scream.

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