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Thus, in the obscurity of their unlimitedness, bodies can be distinguished only where the “contacts” (“touches”) of amorous or hostile struggles are inscribed on them. This is a paradox of the frontier: created by contacts, the points of differentiation between two bodies are also their common points. Conjunction and disjunction are inseparable in them. Of two bodies in contacts, which one possess the frontiers that distinguishes them? Neither. Does that amount to saying: no one? (Michel de Certeau)

ieva_arnas_01 ieva_arnas_02 ieva_arnas_03 ieva_arnas_04 ieva_arnas_05 ieva_arnas_06 ieva_arnas_07 ieva_arnas_08 ieva_arnas_09 ieva_arnas_10 ieva_arnas_11 ieva_arnas_12 ieva_arnas_13 ieva_arnas_14 ieva_arnas_15 ieva_arnas_16 ieva_arnas_17 ieva_arnas_18 ieva_arnas_19 ieva_arnas_20 ieva_arnas_21 ieva_arnas_22 ieva_arnas_23

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actors from Teatro Studija

tea1 tea2 tea3 tea4




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after the shoot we sat at the most horrible bar at the station. Arnas said, i don’t want to see the waitress, so we just enjoyed sun without coffee. (and after that winter came back)


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had to make portraits for Teatro Studija, here are some.

teatras_02 teatras_03 teatras_05 teatras_07


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ieva_02 ieva_07 ieva_09 ieva_10 ieva_11 ieva_12 ieva_17 ieva_19 ieva_20

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Ieva Andrejevaitė, actress


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