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a piece of my raku ware.

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Leica is back

There was a long story about me, who bought Leica in NY, and the transportation was broken. If you met Darius recently perhaps he told you this (long) story. So poor camera spent more than a month traveling to NY and back. But finally it’s back, so I tried it out.

regular evening with bikes and Darius.

at Artūras place

Ainė (I’m again tempted to go with the camera in the water)


and the candy.

In London, view from the balcony of the Tate Modern.


Looks like from Disneyland

Self-portrait with a family of gallery visitors. Tate Britain.

London’s rain

Cabs and umbrellas in London.

So, it seems that the camera is working.

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spent some days in London. While in Vilnius it was 34 degrees, it rained cats and dogs in London.

Leica CL, Kodak Portra 160 VC

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In the garden

some shots made in our garden

Me and Darius brought from NYC a camera for Ūla.

And that is what occupies our interests so much these days. She loves taking pictures. It’s very basic, there’s nothing you can adjust. It’s for sure “point and shoot”. bought also one for myself. You already saw some pictures in this post .

so I’ll start with pictures made with my new pretty camera.

Ūla’s first picture. Picture of me taking picture of her.

and the second – of Darius.

here’s the cheerful photographer.

trying to take from me my camera.

Dominyka, always trying to run away from the pictures.

mhm, so it works like that?

Hamburgers. comparing with the ones in New York. Looks good, btw.

I started my blog last year with post on my, Darius’ and Justas’ birthdays.

So the three cakes again, only 3 candles more.

The person mostly concerned about the cakes.

my cousin with my niece

Girls helping me with flowers for A&T weddings.

That’s the sunny mood we get in our garden.

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So, as promised, here’s the bunch of random pics taken along the way everywhere it happens for me to be in this summer.

Power plant.

My family always has crazy ideas about tourism. Here’s one of them – to go and see power plant.

on the way somewhere in the east of Lithuania.

Meeting for the lunch by the riverside.

Darius enjoying his new electronic dictionary (got one in New York, can’t live without it anymore).

scene of my everyday life

Artūras’ birthday

Katre’s birthday.

Culture night “Let There Be Night!” Lindy-hop lesson.

It was just unexpected how the crowd reacted to the teachers, following every command.

one of the party places in the park.

Dalia and Lukas came from Berlin.

Trying out Darius’ grasses.

By the sea.

Mantas was also staying by the sea, so we had a small party.


For my birthday this year I got the best present from Darius – individual photography lessons lectured by himself. We went to the seashore, where I tried to practice the exercises given to me. So, here are my attempts to become a descent photographer and to master the basics :).

Back lighting

Front lighting

side lighting

directional light, portrait with 35 mm lens.

directional light, close up 35 mm

directional light, close up 50 mm

shooting in the dark (without tripod)

a bit longer exposure, trying to catch glow in the windows.

hand made vignette

Holland was playing with… Uruguay. Or maybe I’m wrong. As you can see, it’s hard to identify whom Holland was playing with…


This was Lukas’ birthday.  It’s Portra 800 (from here to the end). crazy film.

random bit of my family 🙂

These leaves are on my way from home to the trash containers.

very expressionistic

I’ll finish this post with the melancholic face of Dalia.

Random evening in Vilnius.


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