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went for a walk with my sisters family, had camera with me, so made some pictures. My brother in law.


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some out-takes from the last photoshoot, I’m not going to use in my portfolio. The name “urban renaissance” is ironic, and comes from my PhD thesis on urban changes. while wondering around my city, and thinking about my thesis and the changes in the City, changes making it awful, the name came to my mind together with an idea for a photoshoot. Photoshoot changed the idea, and the new ugly districts look just too nice… well so much for combining fashion ans critical theory.

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girls smiling in Dangis’ balcony

girls seemingly having higher spiritual concerns


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tried Agfa film, really poor quality. Will go back to beloved Trix and Plus-x (harder and harder to get the latter) .

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another detail.

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I love film

Medium format film is such a crazy thing. One can crop little details, and they still have wonderful information. some crops from my last photosession.

oh, and by the way, I do have facebook, if you didn’t know. come and join me there.

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