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Aine, before the photo shoot, through the window

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have been photographing the diploma work of last years student of fashion design, have to scan everything in one night.

feel myself like a student.

however, here’s one pic of the model, photographer herself, before the shooting.

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Been with my colleague in seminar in Cambridge, small town with highest rank university.


social hierarchy. yes, they still have this rule there, haven’t changed since Virginia Woolf has written  about it.


I thought he’s brave and nonconformist, but I was explained that this is students area, and lying on the grass is legal.

Tourist attraction

next day we headed  to London

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this is exactly the way, I want all my photos to look like.

more photos on girls in white dresses here.

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here’s just a small amount of his plants, he grows at his home-studio.

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