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Thus, in the obscurity of their unlimitedness, bodies can be distinguished only where the “contacts” (“touches”) of amorous or hostile struggles are inscribed on them. This is a paradox of the frontier: created by contacts, the points of differentiation between two bodies are also their common points. Conjunction and disjunction are inseparable in them. Of two bodies in contacts, which one possess the frontiers that distinguishes them? Neither. Does that amount to saying: no one? (Michel de Certeau)

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from French, for a remembrance or memory

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evening. ladies are going for a walk. an accidental snap, found it in last years pictures while looking for some pics for postcards.


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Sunday coffee club at Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

some people spending their lazy Sunday at Emis’ place.


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so, I scanned some more pics from that shoot. I also did Fuji 1600 iso, but my scanner doesn’t wish to scan this one yet 🙂


messy hair, see here had to be improved.


team discussing shooting issues



prepared for the shoot. haven’t seen photos from the shoot yet. very curious!

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