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I posted some pics from the shoot I was invited to hang out.  and this was the other time Giedre invited me to hang out. the day was just perfect, like all the summer and holidays concentrated in one day. so, this means I took some more pics, and I’ll post them here, after I scan the films. and here the crew working.


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so, I scanned some more pics from that shoot. I also did Fuji 1600 iso, but my scanner doesn’t wish to scan this one yet 🙂


messy hair, see here had to be improved.


team discussing shooting issues



prepared for the shoot. haven’t seen photos from the shoot yet. very curious!

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Giedrė (designer and stylist. her works shot by me you can find here and here) invited me to hang out at the photoshot for Liepa Maknavičiūtė – upcoming singer.  you can listen to her song here. So I took my mamyia 645 with tri-x 400. It was shot in the studio, and I kinda just hung around drinking beer, but since I had my camera with, I made a couple of pictures before Liepa was groomed for the shoot.

Cameras are such lairs. in the small messy room full of people  one can take a picture as it was meant for the school album 🙂

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