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Mindaugas’ photoshoot

At the photo-shoot last Tuesday. Promising start.

Ainė in the light set.

one pic from the photoshoot.

I’m working on my portfolio now. Will post there soon.

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opening evening of ciop ciop at the Pianoman

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scanning pictures from latest photo-session with Ainė.

want to share one pic.

film: Kodak Tri-X 400

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Been skiing



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Dangis’ b-day

Same place (CAC (dark place btw))


Eating Birthday tangerines

Now he’s older

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Snow in the balcony

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New Year

The New Year’s eve started pretty strange helping Dangiras and Shlimas to bring some woods, and that’s in the middle of the City…

Don’t remember what are they so exited about.

It’s not carnaval

Next stop, my sister’s family.

Party at Mantas’ and Goda’s place


the hill where we celebrated was overcrowded


one could actually get killed

at Pianoman


Gorky (the 5th place that evening)

My flash cached cold, so wasn’t working well, and I had 100 iso film loaded so the evening went on undocumented.

next day, got invitation to go build snowmen, the street was buried under the snow.

Darius digging out his car

these guys on the tower looked like ninjas

building snow-fish. it was on the ground and the light wasn’t sharp, so the pictures haven’t worked out.

instead of the fish, enjoy the look of this cute snow-rabbit.

and – happy New Year!

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