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Darius exercising his pedantic skills while shooting interior of CiopCiop


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I love when beauty has a certain kind of creepiness. not too much, but still a touch of chaos.

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Karolis left for London, so we had a little party. Shooting on film is always a risky business. This time my camera cut the upper side of the frame, for some reason that I haven’t discovered yet. However, surprisingly I found out, that the most important things are on the bottom of the frame… so, since the frames are already broken, so I left them as I scanned them.

Karolis. the merciful camera left his eyes alright.

much promising start

faceless Marchius feeling too hot and Katre’s smile



(Darius took over my camera)

got my camera back, and back to the less classy pictures

the last dazzling piece of sushi

back to SMC (have we ever left that place? do ever leave it?)

the posing bear

Stefa (here my flash and my brains went off, so I stopped shooting)

so, now we have to visit him in the City.

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so comments are rarely needed. people are going crazy, some more than others.

someone left one of party locations with Julius’ shoe. happens…

guys, they think they are nice when posing, check out the text next to Bronius’ head “BOSS”

Dangis and Sla exploring Dubstep

this is my favourite NY picture

Dragon tooth, a NY present from Darius for friends

don’t know who this guy is, sometimes people like posing, and are the times I like.

some time after NY was Dangis’ b-day, and I realy thought I have lots of film left, however, after I made the first pic, I find out, I had only one frame. so, this is the only picture, and with fingers on his nose. Well at least he has b-day hat on XD.

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