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Ieva before the photosession.



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Artūras and his winter-cap

trying to get some beer at the bar, not easy even if you wave with some money.

Artūras got too much light.

notice the hart between them 🙂

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everyday life continued

so, continuing this never-ending story…

Martynas for the first time getting familiar with my flash.

When you have flash, people start to pose happily, love how it works on them 🙂

On the way to the jam session, guys just saw Artūras and Dovilė coming.

They both looked quite normal, no explanation for Darius’ face in the pic above.

mysterious look

At the concert already, rhythm junkies playing.

Dangiras as a star in 60s

Another Friday (I should have called these posts “on Fridays” ), same place.

changing the time of reservation (really want to keep the place)


So, finished. reserved for 24.30


still mess

nicely (?) posing

Finally left CAC (for Cafe de Paris )

Artūras misunderstood the point

The same professor I met the other evening

The teddy bear and flower were really impressive

At the open days at the university, these were really cool guys from the student organisation.

at Dalyte’s and Nauris’ place

at Sla’s place (moving from place to place are we :))

My cousins dog with his parents

yet another Friday in the same place

the end for now



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everyday life

I was recently preoccupied with some “staged” shooting, but I’ve been shooting our everyday life too. Only didn’t manage to post 🙂

Here are photos since August. Bit late, but better late than never.

This was fashion night in Vilnius. Just chilling before everything starts.


at the event.

This was Ku birthday. Friends prepared book with his drawings. Ku signing books.

this was first time I tried out my flash.

these are the books

at the opening of an art exhibition. Gallery was almost closing, the feeling was kind off surreal.

this is my favorite picture

“life is a flower and love is a honey”

view from the balcony, lazy autumn street. I liked the cat and walking man.

went to visit Darius’ granny. Aine in the light falling from the window.

at the dinner table

Erika invited for the glass of wine, there I met this professor of American literature. Had an interesting conversation.


still CAS and Darius – telling story.

to be continued…


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