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New York is a strange town.

No, I’m not confusing the words. It (he?) really seemed to me like a town more then a city. Cosy and narrow it’s at the same time – overcrowded and oversized.  The light and the houses, people and cars seem like one thousand times seen  in the movies.

The pictures are made with 4 cameras , that constitutes the difference in the quality of the pictures.

so, let’s begin!

This is how our journey starts. We were flying from Riga to Kiev and then to NYC. So we had to travel with the bus to the Riga’s airport.

Aine in the evening sun.

The first flight…

Martynas continued his sleep, which began in Riga’s airport (and lasted through Kiev airport and flight to NY)

Kiev airport.

Seemed like a place without the space and time, especially after we spent there about 10 hours waiting for the continuously delayed flight.

Contrary to Martynas, Darius spent all the flying and waiting hours awake, what can be easily seen on his face.

So did his sister also.

The train station at the JFK.

First day, we are going out.

We’re in NEW YORK, man!

…and it’s Broadway.

The first day Martynas dragged us off to Time Square. Have to say, this was the place I enjoyed least in NY.

The shop of M&M’s. no further comments…

Lincoln square. The single man at the table.

The ice-scream truck.

Mister Softy.

Those trucks were following me all over the city. I’ll be very girlish and say, that I find them extremely sweet.

Heading to Williamsburg.

It was such a strange difference, when you get in the subway somewhere on Broadway and get out in Williamsburg.

The houses are about 200 times smaller,  and people… 200 times lazier.

We met Martynas in a bar, which became our bar for those days.

take a notice of the change in the mood.

I don’t know why, but me and Ainė really enjoyed that mirror.

Inspired by North Renaissance.

Park in Williamsburg. Manhattan looks so far away and unreal.

This picture is more messy than the other one, but I like this one more, because the contrast of the two spaces (Manhattan and Williamsburg) can be better seen.

The next day. Breakfast moca frapuchino (or that is it called anyway) at the Trump Tower.

I had to write my name myself. I always wonder why my name seems so difficult for not-Lithuanians.

Anyway, have talked with some Lithuanians living in NY – they have their special  names for Starbucks.

elevator at the Trump Tower. I just liked the light.

Lunch in the Chinatown.

Very nice soft film – Kodak Plus-x125.

see the bowl? it’s soup. Good that we asked about the amount, otherwise we had to eat one each.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body”

Morning walk in the park (what a framing for the park!!!)

At the Washington square some guys were dancing lindy hop, so I persuaded Ainė to dance with them.

Subway. Ainė  is my main-man, showing the way all the time. This was my first trip, when I haven’t looked at the map.

Brother & Sister

Cosy place near the place we stayed.

You can see the dog on the poster. Inside all the walls were covered with  pictures of dogs.

Many faces of Ainė.

Indeed (notice the bowl an the left. It’s sangria (for two (me and her ( 🙂 ))))

Brooklyn bridge. Or better to say Manhattan bridge.

So the one is I’m standing on, the other one, I’m making picture off.

very beautiful bridge, light, feeling. What can I say… I fell in love with Brooklyn.

Dumbo. Suddenly I found myself screaming, so I had to take this picture.

At the chocolate factory.

The cup, Ainė is holding, contains hot chocolate. I mean real chocolate, not cacao.

We were high all day from this amount of sugar.

This was the last day of the photography exhibition. There were 12 places one could  visit. The exhibition was curated by Lou Reed. I didn’t know anything about Lou Reed’s relations to photography.

I liked this exhibition, look carefully at the pictures.

Yes, that’s Dart Weider – another of my favorite characters.

Under Manhattan bridge. Place to make some “pictures to remember”. The sound of subway crossing the Manhattan bridge is deafening.

But nobody looks disturbed by it.

I wanted to visit Strand book shop, and planed to buy large amount of books. But ended up with not even one, contrary to Ainė. (is there irony seen on her face?)

Late night at Soho. Searching for the party place.

Didn’t find it, so heading to Williamsburg.

Martynas is making fun of us (me, Darius and Ainė) making pictures all the time.

Small black coffee. Necessary thing to start the day.

(I mean – it’s the smallest you can get at Starbucks)

Ainė definitely wanted to go to the statue of liberty. When we got to the Battery Park the waiting row was for two hours (how I know that? because they are announcing that through the loudspeakers). It was hot sunny day. So we bought the tickets for the next day, and, surprise, it was raining dogs and cats. So the row, as you can expect, was shorter. We had no umbrellas, no raincoats and got really wet. but I was glad because Manhattan looked so mysterious in the rain.

Yeeee, it’s her!!!!! Happy visitors making pictures.

drops on my camera made picture blurry.

I had to make this picture (although the only dry place was perhaps the film in my camera).

Manhattan in the fog.

The rain was really terrible, we were already a bit desperate.

until we found this place. One of my best memories from NY. We spent 5 hours in this place drinking refill coffee (this was the first evening I didn’t fell asleep in the subway, as I did all the other times).

After we came in, the waiters spend some minutes just staring at us. It was not very cosy. In the beginning we couldn’t understand why, until we realized, we were the only ones that came there by accident. And that is why I say “town” about NY. The bar was absolutely local, everybody knew each other.

btw this film is my absolutely favorite: Kodak Portra 160 NC. (the white colour is shinning)

MOMA. It’s prohibited to take pictures, so all the visiters are making their “I’ve been here” pictures with flash.

so did I 🙂 (only my flash is dead)

I’m wondering, why people are doing this, photographing half of the pictures in the gallery. (I mean, don’t they know, they can see the pictures on the internet?)

Marina Abramović. very impressive exhibition.

DUMBO again. Decided to show it to Darius.

more hot chocolate!

just a wall in Brooklyn

Those trucks are really impressive.

near the ocean

the place was so different from Manhattan.

My shoes (no hidden meaning)

Lunch in the Mexican bar in Brooklyn.

It was some kind of festival near the place we stayed. I like this picture: the balloons, NYPD car and Darius’ face.

The cup cake! It’s dangerously easy to get extremely fat in US.

China town. Notice the pineapples.

I bought the camera in NY. so this picture and the one below are the whole films. After I made 38 pictures I started to worry. The transportation was broken. That is the reason why I have only some pictures from NY. Anyway, I like those two films as the pictures.

In the subway, going to 5th avenue.

The empire state building.

We spent about 2 hours until we got to the top, and we spent those hours wondering why people are going out of it with such sad faces.

I’m suggesting you in a good will, if you can spare yourself from going into in – do it. It’s for your best.

5th avenue.

The lady and the dog.

LSD Soundsystem. Ainė is “only” 20, so her hands were marked, that she couldn’t buy any alcohol. (… no comments)

leftovers after the concert

Leaving. At the JFK

Martynas has very expressive hands

here also

the hat-case

Martynas, feeling as Brad Pitt in his private airplane. Pity that the stuff didn’t allow me to take picture of him slowly going out of the plain, while all the passengers are waiting in the bus.

so that’s all.

Now I want to go back to the town.

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I know, I know, I’ve promised this post will be on NYC, but it is just too funny not to post, what I just developed. I finally finished the film which was in “Ча́йка”. This camera cuts frame in two parts. So I had not 36, but 72 frames in my “simple as a stool” Fuji Superia 200. It took long time to finish it.  These were shot in the park in January.

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the Tree

My blog posts somehow got the habit of being late. So the same is with this one. I’ll post some pictures from spring, although the summer heat is increasing. I’m melting now in my balcony, the air is full of fuzz from the trees and voice of David Bowie.

this post is called ‘the tree’ because of the interesting specimen of its kind I encountered in the Katre’s steading while celebrating Karolis’ birthday.

It seemed that the tree is in the middle of the pond when we arrived during the night. It became obvious that it was not the case, but it looked somehow mysterious anyway. Since we didn’t sleep that night, I could capture the tree in the down. that is why the colour slightly changes from cyan to magenta.

looking at the tree. Before down. Sleepy face.

Karolis’ sister

Little Red Riding Hood

telling the story. Blurry, but I find it atmospheric, anyway, I took one not blurry.

Branches are growing from Marchius’ head in a funny way. I really have to concentrate more on the background.

Mothers day. It was raining, but we decided to spend the day outside.

the wind. catching the umbrella.

Young driver. Ūla in Kaunas’ Zoo.

Study of light. BTW have you noticed the mood change? 🙂

so, that’s about it. The next post will be about NYC.


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