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a quote by Walter Benjamin. this film was in my pentax k1000 for more than a year. the pictures are so random, but bring me memories. I’ve decided not to explain them.

scan130002_01 scan130002_02 scan130002_03 scan130002_05 scan130002_06 scan130002_07 scan130002_08 scan130002_09 scan130002_10 scan130002_11 scan130002_12 scan130002_14 scan130002_15 scan130002_16 scan130002_17 scan130002_18 scan130002_21 scan130002_22_ scan130002_26_ scan130002_28 scan130002_29 scan130002_30 scan130002_33 scan130002_34

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so, because today I’m searching pictures in my archives, and some photos I find there are bringing me some memories, I’ll post them. Brother and Sister. Austria. 2010


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view from TV-tower.


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2010, Palanga. shooting in the darkness. another shitty camera – Pentax K1000 (ok, ok, not shitty, I love it, it’s my firls not plastic camera :)), but still the shittiest film in the world -Fuji superia 200.

100708_scan_016 100708_scan_017 100708_scan_023


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