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did some shooting for Liepa Maknavičiūtė. here’s one pic. will post more later.


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I posted some pics from the shoot I was invited to hang out.  and this was the other time Giedre invited me to hang out. the day was just perfect, like all the summer and holidays concentrated in one day. so, this means I took some more pics, and I’ll post them here, after I scan the films. and here the crew working.


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a festival by the Baltic sea. some personal and messy pics from that summer madness.

vasara2012_015 vasara2012_013 vasara2012_012 vasara2012_011 vasara2012_010 vasara2012_009 vasara2012_008 vasara2012_007 vasara2012_006 vasara2012_005 vasara2012_004 vasara2012_003 vasara2012_002

vasara2012_016 vasara2012_017 vasara2012_018 vasara2012_019 vasara2012_020 vasara2012_021 vasara2012_022 vasara2012_023

vasara2012_024 vasara2012_025 vasara2012_026 vasara2012_027 vasara2012_028 vasara2012_029


vasara2012_032 vasara2012_033 vasara2012_034 vasara2012_035

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had to make portraits for Teatro Studija, here are some.

teatras_02 teatras_03 teatras_05 teatras_07


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