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designed by Ruta Kyguolyte design
makeup: Panda Makeup
Models: Morta and Migle


rugys_01 rugys_02 rugys_03

rugys008_2 rugys014_

rugys_04 rugys_05 rugys_06 rugys_07 rugys_08 rugys_09 rugys_10 rugys_11 rugys_12 rugys_13 rugys_14 rugys_15 rugys_16 rugys_17 rugys_18

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evening. ladies are going for a walk. an accidental snap, found it in last years pictures while looking for some pics for postcards.


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so, as promised, pictures from the backstage of the photoshoot, for which Giedrė was styling.


scan130510_52 scan130510_55 scan130510_56 scan130510_57

scan130510_41 scan130510_45

scan130510_65 scan130510_66




scan130510_14 scan130510_15 scan130510_17 scan130510_18 scan130510_22_ scan130510_23 scan130510_24 scan130510_25 scan130510_28 scan130510_29_3

make-up artist resting during photoshoot

scan130510_01_1 scan130510_05 scan130510_06 scan130510_08

scan130510_37 scan130510_39 scan130510_75



photographer Olga

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Sunday coffee club at Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

some people spending their lazy Sunday at Emis’ place.


scan130506_01_1 scan130506_02_4 scan130506_03_4 scan130506_04 scan130506_10_1 scan130506_11 scan130506_12 scan130506_13 scan130506_15

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I posted some pics from the shoot I was invited to hang out.  and this was the other time Giedre invited me to hang out. the day was just perfect, like all the summer and holidays concentrated in one day. so, this means I took some more pics, and I’ll post them here, after I scan the films. and here the crew working.


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scan130508_01 scan130508_03 scan130508_04 scan130508_06 scan130508_18 scan130508_19 scan130508_23 scan130508_25 scan130508_26 scan130508_29 scan130508_30

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vasara2012_042 vasara2012_043 vasara2012_044 vasara2012_045 vasara2012_046 vasara2012_047 vasara2012_048 vasara2012_049 vasara2012_050 vasara2012_051

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