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been in Paris this summer. no postcards, only some personal reflections. if it will seem as all we done in Paris was looking at the river and drinking French sider, it’s close to truth.  we rented a wonderful flat, and my best memories are not much from the city, as from the evenings in this flat, while drinking wine and listening to Bob Dylan.

this site was next to our place. the surreal feeling of emptiness fascinated me.

in Père Lachaise, next to Morrison’s grave.the tree was covered so the visitors wouldn’t destroy it more by leaving marks. btw the tomb of Wilde was fenced with glass.

pink and sweet, lavender lemonade and marshmallow

Palais Royal

the store of fascinating shoes

she really considered to choose there instead of her old Converses.

during my birthday we vent to exhibition about Bob Dylan. when we came out, it was pouring rain, and it perfectly matched the mood. so we just stayed under the bridge drinking cider and enjoying melancholy.

on a way home

and into the airplane

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