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So, we meet again!

Ok, no, this time I didn’t meet him like the last time. And this pic really doesn’t deserve film. However there are two persons that I cannot decide not to take photograph of:Darth Vader and David Bowie.

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I often think about the role of photography in persuading people. Is there difference between commercial photo made for advertisement heavily relaying on simplified and cliche images and the press photography, caching the overblown moment? Where the line between those types can be drawn? I took this pic in London at the protest against Israel politics in Palestine.

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Urban contrasts

my sociological work on heterogeneity and homogeneity in cities draws my attention to strange contrasts in urban environment, from styles of houses to the subcultural and occupational curiosities. here are some pics from  last trip to London. Am pretty busy these days, takes time to post pictures.

she was selling strawberries with cream.

this doesn’t make coherent street for sure

this is not art, this is purely documentary picture for my work. So, I feel I’m starting to need a small and digital point and shoot too. This is from the exhibition which subject was divided city, control and solidarity based on the recent students’ protest in London. It says “distinguish one human being from another”.

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Honour thy error as a hidden intention.  Brian Eno

one of suggestions from the oblique strategy cards.  My main maxim for the photography.

three main principles characterising my images:




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from the okiiko photo-shoot

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Light flair

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some sunny outtakes from Giedre Anuzyte collection Sunny brand. Freckled. The main post you’ll find on my other site.

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